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Your body tired? After doing the activity. You want to prepare a smooth delivery?. Or you just want relaxation massage. Or you want to restore freshness after doing sports activities. The Massage Asylum is the solution. Why Scottsdale az massage is The best choice for you? Yeah, right. Although this massage service recently opened officially in 2010 by Robert Scott, located in the Phoenix area, Arizona. But already many clients are satisfied with their jobs.
Some Scottsdale az massage services can serve are:
Athletic Massage - massage therapy is focused on athletes before and after sports activities. The fees charged for this package is 1 hour - $ 65.00, 1.5 hours - $ 95.00, 2 hours - $ 115.00.

Chair Massage - This massage therapy is more focused on relaxation massage. This massage can be done anywhere. for example at home, office, workplace or anywhere you need. The rates charged for this package is $ 1.00 per minute.

Prenatal Massage - This massage therapy is given on the content of the age of the second trimester. Massage is given to the mother and the baby. Massage therapy is very good for pregnant women. To prepare for delivery superb. The rates charged for this package is 1 / 2 hour - $ 55.00, 1 hour - $ 95.00, 1.5 hours - $ 135.00.
And many more other massage therapy package.

When will you be served?
You will be served from Monday until Saturday from 07:00 am until 08:00 at night. Unless you will be served Sunday from 10.00 am until 06.00 pm.

Feel free to contact us, we provide the best service.

Contact Support
Phone: (602) 881-9162
Address Phoenix, AZ 85033

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